TAG Video’s Multiviewer System Configurator App Gets Redesign

TAG Video Systems Configurator
(Image credit: TAG Video Systems)

TEL AVIV, Israel—TAG Video Systems has updated and redesigned its System Configurator app for multiviewers meant to simplify the configuration-to-purchase process in four steps, the company claims.

The new version of System Configurator functions as a DIY tool, allowing new and existing customers access to the app on TAG’s website where they can use the interface to enter specific monitoring requirements, such as number of channels, format, compressed or uncompressed, number of Mosaic Outputs (heads) and site of operation, be it in the cloud or on-prem physical services.

Based on this data, System Configurator provides a diagramed setup as well as an estimate of the resources required for system deployment. Parameters can be adjusted to accommodate different scenarios and budget constraints.

The app works in concert with TAG’s Tech Ops team, who will evaluate the information provided in the app and deliver a recommended deployment configuration.

For more information, visit www.tagvs.com.