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TabletTV Plus App Launching in Q4

NEW YORK—Tablet Television LLC, a joint venture between Motive Television plc and Granite Broadcasting Corporation, has announced that it will launch its TabletTV Plus app throughout the U.S. in mid-fourth quarter.

The TabletTV Plus app will provide TabletTV users with access to all broadcast channels available in their market, operate a mobile personal video recorder to time shift programs to their personal schedules, and watch free and paid Internet channels when connected to Wi-Fi. Users can also simultaneously use social media, check emails or just surf the Internet while watching TV. The app is compatible with Google Chromecast to view content on to a TV screen.

Initially available for Apple iOS, TabletTV Plus will become available for Android devices at a later date. TabletTV users with TPod tuners can download the TabletTV Plus app without additional cost and have it be compatible with their current devices.

TabletTV was first introduced in San Francisco as a beta test in 2014. It is currently being rolled out throughout the U.S. To become a TabletTV user, visit to place an order.

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