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SysMedia launches file-based open-caption capability

SysMedia has further extended the capabilities of its InFILE software utility designed to insert subtitles into a broadcast-quality video file or transport stream.

With the latest development, the software can add full broadcast-quality open-caption subtitles in any language to a digital media file as part of a software-only file-based workflow. This functionality was demonstrated for the first time at IBC2008.

This new open-caption capability extends InFILE’s functionality, adding traditional burnt-in translation subtitles to the popular closed-captioning formats (teletext, Line 21 and DVB). The software works with SD and HD MPEG-2 video files and DVB transport streams; formats such as H.264 and QuickTime are also on the roadmap for 2008.

Earlier this year, SysMedia launched a U.S. version of the software inserter that provides the ability to embed Line 21 closed-captioning data into SD or HD MPEG-2 media files.

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