Symmetricom 4370A to offer precise, reliable timing for SFN sync

The new 4370A DVB Sync Source is designed to satisfy the time and frequency reference requirements of DVB/DAB Single Frequency Networks that rely on multiple transmitters at diverse locations.

Symmetricom will begin shipments this month of its new 4370A DVB Sync Source, a timing system designed for single frequency network (SFN) synchronization for digital video broadcasting (DVB) and digital audio broadcasting (DAB) applications, the company said.

DVB/DAB require a precision time and frequency reference to synchronize transmitters across multiple locations. Without synchronization, networks are not able to reliably deliver video and audio content to the end user.

The 4370A receives reference-timing signals from GPS, fiber optic and E1 inputs and translates them to generate the output signals. In case of GPS loss, the 4370A automatically switches to and locks to the auxiliary fiber optic or 2MHz, 2Mb/s input to provide outputs that are traceable to a primary reference clock.

The 4370A can also be linked together via an optional fiber optic transceiver on the input, providing a double redundant system. Redundancy is a key requirement because without GPS based sync, transmission is lost and QoS is degraded.

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