Symetrix introduces versatile Deuce 722 DSP box

Symetrix has announced the introduction of a new product in its Integrator Series of SymNet products, the Deuce 722. Taking a “Swiss army knife” approach to DSP functionality, this 1RU system handles a wide range of common audio problems. This new model is now shipping.

Among the system design applications are loudspeaker management, voice processing for public address, headphone processing and line sweetening for broadcast, nightclub system protection and paging over background music. The Deuce 722 features two inputs and two outputs (XLR and Euroblock connectors), contains microphone pre-amplification with +48V phantom power, compression, split-band compression, downward expansion, gating, de-essing, AGC, ambient noise compensation, feedback elimination, equalization, mixing, stereo width and balance and delay. In addition, a new volume clamp helps protect sound systems from overzealous sound mixers. Setup is easy and efficient with a straightforward Windows interface via Ethernet connection. The 722 is also compatible with Symetrix Adaptive Remote Control (ARC) wall panels for user control.

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