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Studio Technologies Introduces Live-Link Jr. Remote Camera Interface at NAB

Studio Technologies Live-Link Jr.
At the 2012 NAB Show, Studio Technologies will introduce the new, compact Live-Link Jr. Remote Camera Interface System for ENG and uplink vehicle applications. Designed for single-camera live remote production, Live-Link Jr. provides a video, audio, communications and control data link between the camera operator in the field and a production vehicle (or fixed installation).

The system transports one (3G, HD, or SD) SDI video signal in each direction—from camera end-to-truck end and truck end-to-camera end—with audio and support signals transported as embedded SDI data. Linked using just two single-mode optical fibers, Live-Link Jr. delivers excellent operational performance regardless of the distance between the camera end and truck end units—whether its hundreds of feet or miles apart.

The camera end unit offers two mic/line inputs that are compatible with microphone or line-level signals, integrated 2-channel intercom system, exceptional audio quality, and compliance with relevant SMPTE standards.

The 2012 NAB Show takes place in Las Vegas, April 14-19. Studio Technologies will be at booth C3747.