Streambox deploys servers worldwide

Streambox has announced major improvements to the Streambox Live Service with the installation of Streambox Live Servers on the Amazon Web Services platform around the world. Allowing users to take advantage
of shorter distances for video to travel before being routed live on-air or archived for later use. Six servers have been strategically placed in Australia, Japan, Ireland, Brazil, Singapore and the United States. By placing multiple servers throughout the world the new Streambox Live Service has decreased latency from 30-90% depending on where the video is being captured. Along with improved latency and higher bandwidth, the new Streambox Live Service also offers lower pricing, larger data plans, and fully featured iPhone/Android and Mac/PC apps.

“Automatically, StreamboxME Pro apps will stream higher quality videos and upload files faster to the nearest Streambox Live Servers deployed globally,” said Bob Hildeman, CEO of Streambox. “Along with this improved service, the new lower cost Streambox Live Service offers 200 times more data, along with StreamboxME Pro
apps for iPhones/Android and Mac/PC laptops to streamline mobile newsgathering and video sharing workflows in a cost effective solution for wide deployment and use for any organization.”

Streambox will be offering a free 1GB trial of data (2.5 viewing hours) for the new
Live Service. There are also three other packages available for purchase: Standard,
Enterprise, and Broadcast. For more information about pricing please visit