StellarMini Ku-band TWT joins e2v product line

StellarMini is the latest high-power TWT satellite uplink amplifier to join e2v’s range.

Weighing 17.6lbs and measuring 5.2in x 13.7in x 7.22in, StellarMini is a small, lightweight Ku-band TWT high power amplifier. It is also smaller, lighter and more powerful than many equivalent solid state amplifiers.

The weatherproof, rugged design and advanced cooling allow the StellarMini to operate in extreme weather conditions from direct rain to direct sunlight, in temperatures ranging from 40 degrees below zero to 140 degrees. The amplifier is also fully RoHS compliant.

The StellarMini amplifier will be available in 180W Ku-band with other power options planned.

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