Stantron introduces power cords for rack enclosures

Stantron has announced the availability of International Electric Code (IEC) power cords for its line of broadcast equipment racks. The cords are available with all Stantron racks, including the E Rack for broadcast facilities and the Presentation Rack for A/V facilities.

The company’s IEC power cords are standardized to provide the proper prong configuration for both U.S. and international voltages and amperages. The cords are designed to make it virtually impossible to draw more current than the corresponding wall outlet or power strip circuit can provide, eliminating the risk of fires from overheated wiring.

Cords are available in a variety of lengths so installers can plug the necessary equipment or appliances into their power source and eliminate excess wires within an enclosure.

Stantron IEC power cords are made to work with the company’s PowerMount system to simplify cable management. These systems allow power strip rotation (a full 180 degrees) within the rack. Angling the power strips to correspond to the location of the equipment inlets creates a straight line from the power to the equipment.

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