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Stagetec shows On Air 24, Engineering Emmy at AES

German audio manufacturer Stagetec was present at the recent AES Convention with a modest display that drew a lot of attention through its hands-on availability of the 2010 Engineering Emmy Award the company recently won for its NEXUS digital audio routing system. “It is a great honor, of course,” said managing director Rusty Waite in a show floor interview. “It’s good to receive such recognition for the work we’ve been doing over the past 10 years here in the U.S. Having the award in the booth has been great, because people all want to pick it up to see how heavy it is. And that starts a conversation for us.”

In addition to NEXUS, Stagetec makes digital audio consoles, and Waite had significant news on two console models. “We did reach a major goal with the first U.S. sale of our flagship console, the Crescendo, to Touring Video, the remote production company in Burbank,” he said. “But my other message to the U.S. market concerns our On Air 24 console. It is correctly perceived as a great radio console, but people need to understand that it’s perfectly suited for smaller television stations as well. The design is elegant and modular, and it offers all the resources of NEXUS audio network.”

The On Air 24 uses a modular design that can be flush-mounted and supports formats up to 5.1 channels with integrated downmixer. The system can also be operated remotely on a PC-controlled TFT screen via Ethernet. On Air 24 offers outstanding audio performance, with 158dB dynamic range, low latency and integrated four-way splitter, and features an integrated NEXUS router, expandable to 4096 x 4096 crosspoints and easily integrated into larger facility networks. DSP capabilities include EQ and dynamics on every channel. The On Air 24 is essentially a modular control surface with talkback, metering and monitoring, easily customizable to meet the needs of any typical radio or local TV broadcast station.