SSL C200 HD console goes mobile with LiveWire Remote Recorders

Toronto’s LiveWire Remote Recorders recently installed a 48-channel Solid State Logic C200 HD Mobile Console and two SSL C-SB Stageboxes into its state-of-the-art 32ft mobile truck. LiveWire was one of two trucks covering the Juno Awards, the Canadian equivalent to the Grammy Awards, providing live 5.1 broadcast audio for performers including Avril Lavigne, Feist, Michael Buble and Sarah Brightman. Following the Juno Awards, the LiveWire truck headed to Las Vegas to be displayed at NAB2008.

The C200 presents a simple way for remote recording facilities to meet the growing demand for surround capture. LiveWire owner Doug McClement said, “In the last year, every other call we received would ask if we had 5.1 surround abilities. It’s really become a factor for video production companies; if you are going to hire an HD video truck, you need an audio truck that can work in 5.1. With this console, working in 5.1 is seamless; it’s part of the console’s architecture.”

Among the other qualities LiveWire liked in the C200 were its snapshot recall ability, the upgrade to 96 inputs and the space savings inherent in its onboard DSP and use of fiber-optic cable. In fact, despite the fact that the new console is a couple inches larger than the analog desk it replaced, the truck still gained space in the transition because of the elimination of its large, heavy analog snake system.

The mobile version of the C200 series has proven very successful with recent installations in remote trucks around the globe, including: CBC Halifax, Canada; Le Voyageur, France; ABC Victoria, Australia; RTS Audio Truck 1 and 2, Serbia; and the BBC Radio Music OB, UK.

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