SSL announces development agreement with Ardour DAW

Open-source workstation collaboration will include ongoing support and direct participation in development.
The Ardour DAW is an open-source digital recording software project that has caught the eye of SSL.

Solid State Logic (SSL) announced its involvement with the Ardour workstation at the recent AES convention and is contributing to its development by employing Paul Davis, the founder and key developer of the Ardour DAW. Davis is working on an agreed set of development objectives and is also coordinating the efforts of other Ardour developers. Solid State Logic’s aim is to develop associated software and hardware, and produce Ardour-based products with special SSL elements.

SSL stressed that the firm’s involvement with Ardour should not be regarded as excluding other DAW makers. SSL managing director Antony David did note, however, that Ardour’s platform-neutral, open architecture approach is a good fit with the SSL vision for an open project interchange standard for plug-in developers.

The Ardour Audio Workstation is a collaborative open-source software development effort. Rather than being a product of a particular company, its development is centered on a growing community of independent software developers.

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