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Sri Lankan broadcast network selects Jampro for new antenna

Sri Lankan national television network Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corp. (SLRC) is upgrading its antenna system on the nation’s highest mountain with a new Jampro panel antenna system.

The Jampro model JHD-HV4, a half wave space four dipole flat panel antenna was specially selected for the tough multichannel assignment. It will be mounted atop the 8200ft Mt. Pidurutalagala. It will become the prime antenna to feed all other SLRC transmissions throughout the country.

Delivered as a turnkey system with the JHD panel antenna, were Jampro Proline rigid transmission line, associated RF components and brackets for installation. Using a pressurized feed system, the JHD-HV4 is designed for high-band VHF (Ch 7-13) Band lll.

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