Square Box Systems Updates QLS Archive Plug-In

WARWICK, ENGLAND—Designed for the CatDV media asset management system, Square Box System’s QLS Archive plug-in has received a new update. This middleware tool that links CatDV with storage and archiving systems will now use CatDV’s web-based REST API to access data stored within the CatDV server, as well as the latest Quantum APIs.

The QLS Archive update also includes a new queuing system that uses CatDV metadata rather than a file queue for faster archive performance with greater throughput. CatDV’s Worker, meanwhile, now provides new options to automate archive workflows based on CatDV metadata and policies.

There is also a strengthened support for Quantum Lattus integration, which provides CatDV users access to Lattus’ object storage capabilities for disaster recovery needs, using Quantum’s Web Services (V2) API to give CatDV users the ability to commit content to multiple archive destinations.

Additional updates include the ability to restore content to a different SAN location if the SAN changes and certification to operate on Quantum’s Xcellis shared storage system as well as with Quantum’s Artico intelligent NAS archive appliance.