Sportvision Renews Partnership with MLB Advanced Media

CHICAGO—Sportvision announced the renewal of its long-term partnership with MLB Advanced Media.

As part of the agreement, Sportvision and MLBAM’s joint pitch tracking system, Pitchf/x, and its derivative data, will continue to be utilized at all 30 MLB ballparks throughout the 2015 MLB season. Sportvision’s Fieldf/x, which MLBAM has taken a long-term license on for possible future integrations, also will serve as the Official provider of field/player tracking technologies to the minor leagues through 2019.

Pitchf/x, which Sportvision developed in conjunction with MLBAM, is currently operational at all MLB parks and 40 Minor League parks. It again will support national and regional MLB broadcasts in 2015.

Pitchf/x has tracked pitches in MLB games since 2007, amassing a database of more than 8 million pitches. The technology records and reports pertinent aspects of the pitcher/batter matchup, including speed, break, location, pitch type and trajectory, accurately and in real-time. The system generates a comprehensive set of data that is used to enhance television broadcasts, mobile applications, Internet gamecasts and more.

“There continues to be great demand for detailed statistical data that captures and evaluates player performance,” said Hank Adams, CEO Sportvision, Inc. “We value our longstanding partnership with MLBAM, and remain focused on introducing technologies that influence the way executives, coaches and fans watch and analyze the game today.”

Sportvision’s Fieldf/x System, which delivers near real-time and complete player and ball tracking data, will be utilized at several minor league ballparks throughout the 2015 season. With more than 1million data points captured in a single game, including player movement on the field, this system’s integration into minor league stadiums will serve as an additional tool to analyze defensive performance metrics and support player development.