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Spectra Logic offers LTO-5 tape drives for archiving

Spectra Logic, a provider of data storage solutions, is now shipping LTO-5 drives and Spectra certified LTO-5 media cartridges in its T-Series tape library product line.

The increased capacity and throughput rates of LTO-5, combined with the small footprint and low power requirements of the company's tape libraries offer users high storage density and energy efficiency.

LTO-5 media cartridges have a native capacity of 1.5TB (3TB with 2:1 compression), and the drives offer a transfer rate of up to 140MB/s (280MB/s in compressed mode). The media capacity of LTO-5 is almost double that of LTO-4’s native 800GB drives.

Spectra Logic launched its LTO-5 prepurchase program in September 2009, which allowed existing users to purchase LTO-4 drives and exchange them for LTO-5 drives once available.

Dave Hieschel, president and CEO of EAGLE Software, a Spectra Logic channel partner for nearly 20 years, said that approximately 25 percent of its customer base has taken advantage of Spectra’s LTO-5 prepurchase program, enabling their smooth transition to LTO-5 technology.

Spectra’s T-Series tape libraries are available for purchase with LTO-5 drives and media today. They include a dual port, native 8Gb/s Fibre Channel interface that is compatible with existing 2Gb and 4Gb Fibre Channel switches and host bus adapters. LTO-5 drives are compatible with Spectra's BlueScale Encryption with key management, MLM drive-level AES-256 bit encryption key generation and WORM media capabilities.