Sound Devices adds Mix Assist to 788T

Sound Devices has added a new feature called Mix Assist to its acclaimed 788T Multi-Track Digital Audio Recorder. This new feature is available as a no-charge firmware update to all new and existing 788T customers.

Sound Devices 788T is an eight-input, 12-track digital audio recorder designed for location recording for films, documentaries, episodic and reality TV, with obvious applications in ENG and EFP. As these applications are commonly dialogue-heavy and unscripted, the new Mix Assist turns down unused microphones while instantly activating only the microphones that are in use, making it easier to get clean dialogue recordings. Mix Assist activates only one microphone per sound source, attenuating unused microphones by 15dB.

“Mix Assist listens for the background noise level and adapts its algorithm as background noise levels change,” said Matt Anderson, co-founder and director of engineering for Sound Devices. “This feature is especially helpful for 788T users doing fast-paced, dialogue-driven productions that need to get clean dialogue recordings.”

Users can go to the 788T firmware page to add Mix Assist capability via firmware update 2.16.