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Sony Announces Two G Series Solid State Drives

PARK RIDGE, N.J.—Sony is rolling out a pair of new G Series professional solid state drives designed to work with external video recording devices docked to camcorders or DSLRs. The SV-GS96 and SV-GS48 features 960GB and 480GB capacities, respectively.


Both drives feature Sony’s error correction code technology, with the SV-GS96 able to achieve 2400 terabytes written (TBW) and the SV-GS48 1200 TBW. Each drive also features built-in technology to prevent sudden speed decreases, while ensuring stable recording of high bit rate 4K video without frame dropping.

Additional features include data protection technology, a durable connector, and the ability to remove drives from a camcorder and connect to a computer for file downloading.

Sony will release both the SV-GS96 and SV-GS48 in May. The SV-GS96 will be available for $539, while the SV-GS48 will be sold for $287.