Sony 32-inch PVM-X3200 Monitor Joins 18-, 24-inch PVM-X Series Lineup

(Image credit: Sony)

PARAMUS, N.J.—Sony Electronics announced it has begun shipping the PVM-X3200, the latest addition to its PVM-X series of 4K HDR TRIMASTER monitors during the company’s Oct. 12 live, online press conference.

Announced in April, the 32-inch monitor, joins the 18- and 24-inch members of the PVM-X series. The high-grade monitor incorporates a Sony-specified premium LCD panel offering 1000 cd/m2 luminance and color matching with the BVM-HX310 4K HDR master monitor, making group monitoring easy on-set, in the studio and onboard production trucks, Sony said.

The monitor uses Sony’s TRIMASTER architecture to deliver accurate picture reproduction, precise imaging and quality picture consistency, the company said. 

Sony plans to offer a firmware update for all three PVM-X series monitors in February 2022 as a free download. The update will include Focus Assist and False Color, as well as a new gamut scope that enables users to verify their content against the CIE 1931 chart, the company said. 

The V3 firmware update also offers time-saving features, such as Settings Copy, which enables users to copy settings from one monitor to another via USB, as well as support for auto white balance software, it said.

An optional PVML-HSX1 HDR-to-SDR conversion license is available for the PVM-X3200. It supports high-dynamic-range-to-standard-dynamic-range conversion in live production environments. The license activates 4K-to-HD down-conversion, color space conversion, OETF conversion, progressive-to-interlace conversion and Quad-link-3G-to-Single-link 12G conversion. It also provides for the output of converted pictures to other 4K or HD monitors via the Enhanced Monitor Output, the company said.

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab)

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