Snell’s Kahuna 360 billed as first native 1080p/3G switcher

As part of Snell’s featured product lineup at last week’s Government Video Expo 2012, the Kahuna 360 production switcher supports any format in, any format out, on any input or output including 1080p (single link).

The system also features unique Make M/E technology, which makes it easy for the operator to leverage available mixer power and create a tailor-made M/E delivering unmatched flexibility when sharing mainframe resources with multiple consoles. Kahuna 360 offers up to six full mix effects (M/Es), seven keyers per M/E, 120 HD/SD inputs, 64 HD/SD outputs, and a clip-store with 40 minutes SD or eight minutes HD. The switcher also supports up to 16 simultaneous broadcast productions from a single mainframe.