Snell Morpheus delivers playout automation for Japan Satellite Television

Japan Satellite Television (JSTV) has extended its use of the Snell Morpheus broadcast automation technology for its new prime-time broadcasts on JSTV 2, streamlining the management and transfer of content for playout.

Serving as the primary automation system for both JSTV 1 and JSTV 2 playout, Morpheus gives operators a clear view of system status, including the health of devices and the location and movement of content to be delivered.

Morpheus also manages and transfers content from the moment a playlist is loaded, automatically transferring material from the archive server and purging expired content from the playout server as required.

The integration was completed with the addition of Snell's TX 500 Series master control switcher, Morpheus HUD (head-up display), PSP (programmable script panel) and IQLOGO1 logo inserter, as well as an ExaStore Clustered NAS archive from Eurotech.