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SkyStream unveils DVB S-2 support for SMR

SkyStream has announced the availability of DVB S-2 support in its Source Media Router (SMR) line of IP encapsulators that enable efficient, reliable delivery of IP video and data content over DVB and ATSC-based networks.

DVB S-2 is a critical technology standard to enable the implementation of new satellite-based video and data services, such as two-way Internet over satellite, VOIP, video on demand, high-definition television, and for broadcasting more local channels. It is also a key solution to enable the transmission of an ever-increasing volume of data.

The technologies and techniques defined in the new DVB-S2 standard enable an up to 30 percent bandwidth improvement for satellite transmission systems. This improved efficiency lowers transmission costs and provides system operators the opportunity to grow revenue from offering these advanced services.

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