Sigma Electronics to Debut Signal Management Line at NAB

Sigma Electronics is introducing its OctaStream family of AES digital audio signal management products at NAB2003. The new platform is designed to address eight-channel audio and the integration of AES and multi-channel digital audio into a DTV stream.

The line consists of the DA5320 Mixer & Subframe Router, which has timing, mixing and synchronizing for eight audio channels from four AES input streams; the DA5315 Variable Delay Compensator, which sets variable delay up to 10 seconds for each of the four AES signals; the DA5235 Sample Rate Converter, which allows selectable conversion sample rates; and the SG5605 Audio Reference Generator, which tracks audio channels by generating AES tone/silence with eight audible channel identifiers.

The OctaStream family is used with Sigma's S5000 signal management frame, which can "hot-swap" all modules and power supplies. The frame can hold up to 10 modules, each with 10 connectors. It is compatible with NVISION's NV500 enclosures.