Sigma Designs debuts low-cost Microsoft MediaRoom

Sigma Designs has developed a Microsoft Mediaroom-compatible set-top box platform based on Sigma’s SMP8652 media processor system-on-chip.

SMP8652-based set-top box designs have completed integration with Mediaroom client software, an IP deployment platform, and are expected to begin deployment to carriers in the second half of 2010. The platform is designed for business models that rely on low-cost set-top boxes.

Sigma Designs established the new IPTV platform using the second-generation SMP8652 media processor. The SMP8652’s efficient architecture offers substantial savings for new set-top box designs while providing the performance required by Mediaroom. Multiple Mediaroom OEMs are currently designing new set-top boxes based on the SMP8652 for low-cost applications such as additional rooms in the home.

OEM agreements are also moving ahead with implementations of the SMP8654, another Mediaroom platform from Sigma offering higher performance within the same family of devices. The first to market will be Tatung, with its recently approved SMP8652-based set-top boxes.