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Sierra Video expands Ponderosa routing family

At NAB2009, Sierra Video will show new digital-to-analog signal conversion, increased I/O offerings and digital and analog audio options for its Ponderosa line of multiformat routing switchers. The HD-SDI/SDI video routing switcher family now includes I/O matrix sizes up to 128 x 128.

The Ponderosa series of routing switchers can be built up to 64 x 64 in a 4RU chassis frame and up to 128 x 128 in 8RU. Populated in increments of eight inputs or eight outputs, digital-to-analog conversion boards may now be employed on the frames’ outputs, allowing HD-SDI/SDI video routing and SDI signal conversion in a single frame. Internal digital-to-analog conversion means that while users can output high-quality HD or SDI signal to its ultimate destination, an SDI signal can also be converted, and then output, to less expensive analog displays used for monitoring the outgoing video.

Ponderosa audio platforms are available in analog or AES/EBU digital audio, up to 128 x 128 in 5RU. The Ponderosa AES/EBU digital audio frame offers an optional input synchronizing module and processor for synchronous audio switching applications such as live staging events. Redundant power supplies are optional.