Shure ships URM1 microtransmitter

Shure is now shipping its UR1M Micro-Bodypack. The ultracompact unit is about half the size of most standard bodypacks, weighing just 3oz with two AAA batteries, the moisture-resistant UR1M is only 1.92in by 2.38 inches, making it easy to conceal.

Operating with the Shure UHF-R wireless system, the subminiature device uses Shure’s Audio Reference Companding technology to deliver crystal-clear audio and a 60MHz-75MHz tuning range (region dependent), tunable in 25kHz increments for a total of up to 3000 selectable frequencies. It also offers infrared frequency sync, frequency and power lockout control and a removable antenna.

The UR1M additionally has selectable 10mW or 50mW RF power, up to nine hours of battery life, onboard audio level metering and a backlit, bitmapped LCD display. It also features selectable alkaline, lithium primary or NIMH battery curves for accurate power metering. During manufacture, each URM1 circuit board is specially treated to enhance the sweat resistance and durability, allowing it to be worn close to the skin. As easy to use and set up as any other UHF-R Series product, the miniature bodypack offers a choice of TQG or Lemo-3 connectors.

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