Shure now shipping SE115m headsets

Shure is now shipping the SE115m Sound Isolating headset. The new universal-fit design is available in two versions, the SE115m and SE115m+. Both incorporate a single miniature dynamic driver and incorporate an in-line remote and microphone, enabling them to work for both music listening and as a telephone headset. The new models replace the previous SE115 version.

The difference between the devices lies in their in-line remotes. The SE115m has a one-button remote used for answering and ending phone calls, while the SE115m+ features a three-button remote, adding the capability of adjusting volume, controlling music and video playback, and recording voice memos on specific Apple iPhone and iPod models.

Both units feature improved bass response and overall sound quality through the use of Second Generation Dynamic MicroDriver speakers. They feature an ergonomic design with a “fit kit” of various sound isolating sleeves to ensure maximum isolation from outside noise. The SE115m also comes with a soft, zippered carrying case and a two-year warranty.