Shure debuts ultra-compact UHF-R bodypack

This year's NAB marked Shure’s entry into the miniature wireless bodypack market with the debut of the UR1M Micro-Bodypack. Designed as part of the company’s premium UHF-R wireless system, the new bodypack has been in the “open secret” category in recent months as the only bodypack used on the Academy Awards broadcast, where host Jon Stewart wore it along with a Shure WL51 subminiature lavalier mic. The UR1M miniature bodypack is expected to ship globally in the summer of 2008.

The UR1M measures just 1.92in by 2.38in and weighs 2.2oz (3oz with two AAA batteries). Its small size, slender 0.66in profile and matte black color make it easy to conceal. Operationally, the new bodypack is packed with premium features, including up to 3000 selectable frequencies over a tuning range of 60MHz-75MHz (region dependent). As part of the UHF-R range, the UR1M has full compatibility with Shure’s free Wireless Workbench software, infrared frequency sync and uses patented Audio Reference Companding technology for exceptional sound quality.

Additional features of the Shure UR1M include a backlit, bitmapped LED display, selectable RF power (10mW or 50mW) and audio level metering. Circuit boards are specially treated to enhance sweat resistance, allowing it to be worn next to the skin. The unit is available with a choice of Lemo-3 or TGQ connectors, and the antenna is removable for easy servicing. At its 10mW setting, users can expect 9 hours of battery life from alkaline cells. Lithium and NIMH cells can also be used, which Shure has provided for with alternative battery power curves to ensure accurate metering.

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