Shadowstone introduces new high-brightness Band Light LED Kits

Great for cramped quarters where power and heat are major concerns, Shadowstone's Band Light LED Kits are perfect for close-up lighting or as a supplement to a primary light source in the studio or on location.

The basic Band Light LED Kit consists of 16in bands of warm white (3000K), cool white (6000K) and RGB LEDs. Within the kit are a DMX Pocket Console, a DMX Interface Module, local dimming power supply, non-dimming power supplies and a variety of accessories such as “T” and “L” junctions as well as other connectors to allow for configuration customization. The bands may also be cut on-site to lengths as small as 2in for the white light LEDs and 4in for the RGB band. Additionally, multiple adhesives, Velcro and other mounting methods are included to further facilitate tailoring to use. The Band Kits may even be adapted for waterproof applications and are also available in specific kits of only warm, cool or RGB arrangements.