Sennheiser expands its line of portable HD headphones

Sennheiser has expanded its line of full-sized, portable HD headphones. The new HD 428, HD 438 and HD 448 are optimized for portable players but also deliver strong audio performance in other critical music applications. Each model features a closed-back, around-the-ear design that provides impressive sound isolation and is supplied with a gold-plated, quarter-inch stereo adapter.

The top-of-range HD 448 model is described as offering lifelike sound experience with precise detail. The HD 438 also offers a natural sound signature, while the HD 428 is more focused on the lower frequencies and delivers powerful bass response. All models are designed for comfortable fit, with ample padding and a single-sided cable design for freedom of movement and uncomplicated handling. The HD 448 comes with a 5.2ft extension cable, while the HD 438 includes 4.6ft and 10ft detachable cables.

The other notable feature of the new Sennheiser HD headphones is their stylish design aesthetic. The HD 448 features a retro design with metallic trim elements and an embossed Sennheiser logo. Five high-gloss metallic "wheel spokes" adorn the ear cups of the HD 438, which are reminiscent of the alloy wheels on luxury sports cars. On the HD 428, a dark rubber coating provides a rugged, sporty look.

The new Sennheiser HD headphones are now available online and will hit retail in late October.