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Sencore Debuts ATSC 3.0 Handheld Signal Level Meter

(Image credit: Sencore)

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.—Sencore is launching the SLM 1530, a handheld ATSC 3.0 signal level meter for testing NextGen TV equipment and installations. In addition to ATSC 3.0, the SLM 1530 includes support for legacy ATSC 1.0 and QAM-B cable signals.

The SLM 1530 is lightweight and provides in-depth RF measurements such as signal level, MER, BER, S/N and constellation diagrams. It also provides a spectrum analyzer function for single channel to full spectrum views. There are also built-in pass/fail metrics.

Additional features of the SLM 1530 include the ability to fully decode and display in full motion and color the video and audio components for received RF signals. Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity brings remote control, log download and simple firmware updates to the ATSC 3.0 settings.

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