SeaChange automates enterprise-wide management of on-demand assets

SeaChange International has introduced its AssetFlow content and metadata workflow management solution, which enables broadband video operators to manage all of their video content from a central location regardless of the originating content source or viewing platform — be it TV, mobile device or PC.

AssetFlow eliminates the often tedious and manually intensive process performed by operators on content ingested into their on-demand systems. Content received from different sources such as live broadcast, pitched VOD, or over the Internet typically requires transcoding, regionalization and normalization for delivery to any of the multiple screens the subscriber wishes to use.

The system’s single engine was designed to drive both internal workflow functions like metadata or asset management, as well as external workflows such as content encoding and transcoding. Based on Linux software, AssetFlow’s open interface integrates seamlessly with SeaChange’s Axiom On Demand open content delivery platform and third-party management tools and interfaces.

AssetFlow can be scaled along with SeaChange’s software and hardware systems, which provides operators the ability to introduce the solution to existing VOD operations and expand as other services and capabilities are added.