Scopus to Showcase DVB-S2 Solutions at NAB

Scopus Video Networks will show its new DVB-S2 Advantage system for HD News Gathering in a live, side-by-side demonstration with the Scopus UE-9000 encoder and IRD-2900 receiver platforms at NAB. The Scopus UE-9000 and IRD-2900 platforms are designed to support migration from MPEG-2 to H.264 encoding and decoding.

A related side-by-side comparison of DVB-S and DVB-S2 transmission will aim to illustrate how DVB-S2 can provide bandwidth savings up to 30 percent at such higher levels as 16 APSK.

The Scopus IRD-2900 platform uses VCM (Variable Coding and Modulation) for DVB-S2, which allows synchronization of real-time changes in modulation and coding to maintain continuity of service in erratic transmission conditions.

Scopus also will feature a distribution solution for teleports and content providers. Scopus’ Stat-Mux H.264 HD/SD headend (based on the UE-9000, IRD-2900 and IVG-7000 platforms) permits content distribution to cable, satellite, IPTV and terrestrial broadcast facilities. The solution integrates H.264 for 50 percent bandwidth savings over MPEG-2 with additional bandwidth savings through DVB-S2 as well as Stat-Mux in a closed loop operation that promises a 60 percent bandwidth reduction from the trio.

Scopus will also demonstrate its real-time mobile TV encoder, the UE-9610, for distributing audio and video content to mobile devices over satellite and terrestrial systems. The platform, which complies with the ISDB-T and DVB-H standards, provides simultaneous video and audio streaming over IP and ASI networks to media players, mobile phones, handheld and laptop computers, and in-vehicle entertainment systems.

Scopus Video Networks will be at Booth SU11228.