Scopus and Neotion integrate MPEG-4 technology

Scopus and Neotion have announced that Neotion's MPEG-4 Conditional Access Module (CAM) has been integrated with Scopus' IRD-2900 professional integrated receiver decoders. The plug-in module, a unique version of Neotion's MPEG-4 CAM, enables operators using Scopus' MPEG-2 IRD-2900s to make a quick and easy field upgrade to an H.264 scheme without having to resort to the acquisition of separate platforms.

The future-proof decoding solution targets broadcasters and cable, terrestrial, telco and satellite operators and is immediately available. Several of its applications include re-encoding, format conversion monitoring and content distribution. The solution also enables cable and telco operators to distribute H.264 content to edges where a full decoding to analog is performed, thereby saving up to 50 percent in bandwidth over satellite and IP infrastructures.

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