Schneider Optics announces 77mm variable ND filter

Lens and filter designer and manufacturer Schneider Optics announces the 77mm True-Match Vari-ND thread-in filter. The new filter allows the photographer to select an f-stop and camera speed, and then dial in the exposure by intuitively selecting just the right amount of neutral density. This capability is especially handy for DSLR cameras with high ISO settings.

The Vari-ND filter works by stacking two round, carefully matched filters so that one can be rotated against the other. As the filter is rotated, it varies the density range from 1-1/3 stop to 11 stops. The design of the 77mm Vari-ND filter is slim and low profile, which prevents vignetting on most DSLR and video camera lenses.

Schneider's superior glass filters greatly minimize blue shift at maximum density with interior quality brands. Step rings are available in common sizes to adapt to smaller lens thread diameters. The Vari-ND filter is also available in a True-Match Vari-ND Filter kit, which uses the Schneider 4" Filter Holder and two True-Match Filters for increased filter stacking capabilities.