Scenic Road Taps Fujinon ENG Lenses

Kevin Schwarzenberger
In October 2008, my partner, Darren Mark, and I launched Scenic Road Productions (SRP), a video production house. We produce commercials, training and recruitment videos, and other promotional materials for a wide variety of clientele.

I have a decade of shoots behind me, a large portion of which were shot using Fujinon glass. When the time came to select a high-definition lens, Fujinon was already on our potential shopping list, and several factors made our final decision to invest in their lens very clear.


Before we even launched SRP, we added a Fujinon XA17x7.6BRM ENG-style HD lens to our equipment inventory. Though it's a relatively new purchase, the lens has already seen hundreds of production hours and has worked flawlessly throughout each and every one of these projects. Through my years as a photographer and videographer, I've come to know how closely my success is tied to having the right tools in my toolbox. I consider my Fujinon lens to be one of my most important tools, because it provides excellent range and gives me all the control I'll ever need.

Our business requires us to be flexible and to work within a variety of environments and budgets. Depending on the project, we also need to be able to switch from SD to HD. We are always confident that the images will look amazing through our Fujinon lens.

We use the Fujinon XA17x7.6BRM lens with a Panasonic AG-HPX500 P2 HD camcorder, and it's important that the lens can be compatible with Panasonic's Chromatic Aberration Compensation feature. This eliminates the unattractive green shadowing that can sometimes occur around faces and other objects encountered in shooting. We're confident that our clients will never see that sort of imaging defect in the products that we shoot with this combination of equipment.

Our Fujinon lens is currently being used on all of our on-location productions. One recent video project involves the production of a series of Webisodes and event coverage for a national restaurant chain headquartered here in Kansas City. The new lens has also been used to shoot video press releases for AMC Theatres, which have been distributed across the country for local and national spots.

Choosing a high-definition lens was one of the biggest decisions we've had to make. We have a limited budget, so we usually spend a great deal of time in researching and selecting gear. Owning an HD lens used to be out of reach for new and small production houses such as ours, but Fujinon has priced its lens very competitively, so much so that it became a reality for us. With Fujinon, we have been able to strike a balance between price and high-end video acquisition, and we are confident that this lens will provide crisp and clear HD images for our clientele for many years to come.

Kevin Schwarzenberger has worked as a videographer for the past decade in production, editing and camera. He may be contacted

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