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Satellite equipment, services


On Call Communications QuickSPOT On Demand

Always available and ready to use; within minutes of deploying a QuickSPOT antenna, the system is ready to begin transmitting HD/SD video feeds along with providing IFB-compatible phone lines and Internet access; pay-for-what-you- use billing system offers flexibility to access satellite time per minute without prescheduling or to purchase discounted prescheduled blocks of time.
Booth: OE910


Sencore MRD 3187B

Adapts to almost any contribution, distribution or backhaul environment; new features include IP turn-around configurations, PID filtering and DVB-S2 / ISSY support; other important features include SCTE-35 to SCTE-104 DPI message conversion for commercial insertion applications, DVB-Common Interface for conditional access, multiservice descrambling, and advanced DVB-S2 capabilities such as 16ASPK and VCM support.
Booth: SU7213


Stratos BGAN

High-speed wireless IP data (up to 492kb/s) and circuit-switched network; streaming IP data rates up to 384kb/s on demand; data and voice can be used simultaneously; GAN-standard 64kb/s ISDN, Fax and 4.8kb/s voice to fixed, mobile and any other MSS.
Booth: OE2346