Sakshi TV turns to Vizrt workflow for live weather graphics

Sakshi TV, a news channel in Hyderabad, India, has based its live weather graphics operation on a Vizrt workflow.

The TV station, which is owned by Jagati Publications, is an HDTV channel that launched March 1, 2009, to serve the needs of people in the Andhra Pradesh region of India.

In mid-October 2009, Sakshi TV began delivering half-hour weather reports every two hours from its broadcast weather infrastructure, which relies on several Vizrt products, including: Viz Weather, Viz Ticker3D, Viz Virtual Studio, Viz Curious Maps, Viz Content Pilot, Viz Artist and several Viz Engines for real-time 2-D and 3D rendering.

Montreal, Canada-based broadcast design and systems integration firm Astucemedia customized the Viz Weather presentation system, created graphics for Viz Weather and virtual sets for Viz Virtual Studio, and provided systems integration and training.