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Sachtler shows new camera stabilizer system

Camera support provider Sachtler has introduced a new version of its artemis Cine HD Pro stabilizer system for professional film and digital cinematography. The new system offers a new 1.8in post and a matching gimbal.

The artemis Cine HD Pro includes dual video processing, allowing HD-SDI and SD video signals to be used simultaneously. During a battery change, electrical power is supplied continuously so there is no need to shut down the camera, monitor and radio channels.

Due to the HiCap wiring scheme, the artemis Cine HD Pro can provide more than 200W of power to the camera. The wiring not only keeps power loss extremely low but also allows for longer battery operating time. Thus, depending on the type of battery used, the operating time can be doubled.

The new 1.8in carbon post offers a redesigned no-tool clamp and a newly shaped tortion-free inner post with a 1.5in diameter. Thus, monitor brackets and existing accessories based on the 1.5in diameter can be used with the new post. To match the new post, the new gimbal offers a refined design that includes a new diameter, handgrip and yoke. It offers more control, higher precision and better handling.

The Cine HD Pro can also be expanded with modules like all Sachtler artemis products. The camera stabilizer systems are developed and manufactured in Germany. The new artemis Cine HD Pro will replace the Cine and Cine HD systems by September.