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Sachtler rolls out FSB CELL Li-Ion camera battery

IBC2007 marked the European launch of Sachtler’s FSB CELL, a 7.2V Li-Ion battery for MiniDV, DV and HDV cameras.

Shaped like a camera plate, the battery’s underside fastens onto the fluid head to ensure secure locking. The 1.4lb battery is positioned directly over the fluid head. This optimizes camera control by acting neutrally when balancing the camera. The result is uniform, smooth camera pans.

Another benefit is that the FSB CELL extends the camera setup’s sliding range to 8.9in. This maximizes flexibility in terms of accessory use. Wide-ranging support packets are also available for Sachtler’s new FSB 2 and FSB 6 fluid heads, as well as for the FSB CELL.

The FSB CELL’s high-performance Li-Ion core offers more than eight hours of MiniDV camera operation. The FSB CELL can be used with Sony, Canon and Panasonic cameras.

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