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Sachtler Aktiv Fluid Head Ready for Market

(Image credit: Sachtler)

MUNICH—Camera support manufacturer Sachtler is launching the Aktiv fluid head, which the company says brings a new level of speed to camera operators.

The Aktiv fluid head features SpeedLevel and SpeedSwap technology that enables camera operators to mount, level and lock the head in seconds and to switch quickly from tripod, slider or hand-held shots, per Sachtler.

The SpeedLevel technology paired with the Aktiv fluid head replaces bowl clamps and allows operators to release, level and lock the head by lifting a lever. With no bowl clamp, the fluid head can go flat on the ground. There is also an illuminated PrismBubble visible from above and the side to confirm the camera is level.

Sachtler is offering Aktiv in four models. The Aktiv6 and Aktiv8 are compatible with 75mm tripods; Aktiv8 has side load and touch-and-go camera plate options. Aktiv10, meanwhile, is a 100mm bowl head with side load camera plate. Aktiv6 can support up to 8kg and Aktiv8 and Aktiv10 can support up to 12 kg.

The Sacthler Aktiv fluid head is available for $1,525. For more information, visit (opens in new tab).