Rycote Shows Universal Camera Kit for Mics

U.K.-based Rycote is taking to IBC 2009 to show its new camera-mounted microphone windshield and shockmount system for videographers.

Rycote Universal Camera Kit (RUCK)

Known as the RUCK (Rycote Universal Camera Kit), it has everything needed to protect camera-mounted mics from wind noise and unwanted vibrations from the camera's operator and motor when working on location.

The RUCK is comprised of the following shockmount and wind-protection components:

• The InVision Video Mount assembly is based on Rycote's patented vibration-resistant Lyre shockmount technology and accepts microphones from 19 to 25 millimeters in diameter, including the popular flat-sided Sennheiser MKH range. The mount's dual Lyres can be placed at different distances on the mounting bar to accommodate shotgun or camera-mount mics of up to 300mm in length. The assembly can be rotated freely through 360 degrees, allowing flexible orientation of the mounted microphone.

• A variety of adaptors, all included in the kit, allow the InVision mount to be used in different physical configurations. The bundled quarter-inch screw thread adaptor and hot shoe adaptor permit the InVision assembly to be mounted directly on a video camera, via the camera's quarter-inch thread mount or its hot shoe mount respectively. Both the quarter-inch thread adaptor and the hot shoe adaptor feature female quarter-inch screw threads on their upper faces, to which further accessories may be connected. Similarly, the hot shoe extension bar, also included in the kit, allows other accessories equipped with a hot shoe connector, such as lights, to be connected to the camera at the same time as the InVision Video mount. The final adaptor, with its 3/8-inch thread, allows the InVision assembly to be mounted remotely on a boom pole or microphone stand, and to be swivelled freely once attached.

• Also included are two layers of Rycote wind protection for the microphone. The lightweight, slip-on Miniscreen Windshield is made of acoustically transparent open-mesh fabric and provides protection from breeze and panning noise. For use in windier conditions, supplementary protection is provided by the elasticated Miniscreen Windjammer, which fits over the Windshield if required.

Rycote is showing the RUCK at IBC 2009 in Amsterdam, Sept. 10-15.