Russia's VGTRK adds Nucomm wireless remote camera systems

Nucomm has delivered two wireless HD/SD remote camera systems to VGTRK, the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

VGTRK currently owns and operates five national TV channels, two international networks, five radio stations and more than 80 regional TV and radio networks.

The VGTRK systems operate at 7GHz and use four-way diversity to provide robust coverage in this higher frequency band. They also make use of the Nucomm “twin-pedestal” 16MHz bandwidth to support a high data rate while maintaining optimum receiver sensitivity for maximum signal range. In addition, the systems use Nucomm’s combined block downconverter feature, so a single set of four Rx antennas and block downconverters can provide four-way diversity to two DR2 receivers at the same time.