RUSHWORKS Releases Residential Prompter Kit

(Image credit: RUSHWORKS)

FLOWER MOUND, Texas—RUSHWORKS is adding a new tool for at-home production, announcing the release of its Residential Prompter Kit.

The Residential Prompter Kit is a small desktop teleprompting kit that uses a computer webcam to capture home-based presentations. It is meant to serve as a complement to RUSHWORKS' RUSHPROMPTER software for Windows applications.

The kit includes a round base, an 18-inch flexible arm, a spring clamp with reflective mirror and a  light blocking hood. In addition, RUSHWORKS has also crafted a document that provides four ways to improve the look and sound for at-home teleprompter sessions, which is available for download via RUSHWORKS’ website.

The Residential Prompter Kit is available at a base price of $295. With a 12-inch 1920x1080 HDMI monitor it runs for $545. A second base, 18-inch extension arm and gimbal mounting head for a small camcorder is $175.