RTW to show upgraded SurroundMonitor

RTW’s SurroundControl, SurroundMonitor and DigitalMonitor now include an integrated loudness display that conforms to the ITU BS.1771 guideline as a standard feature. This will result in easy-to-use loudness monitoring of stereo, multichannel and surround signals, as a complement or an alternative to conventional peak meters. At NAB2008, RTW will feature its SurroundMonitor 11900 and 11900SD eight-channel measurement systems that feature the company’s signature Surround Sound Analyzer.

The SurroundMonitor 11900 can display audio by both metrological and acoustical criteria and is capable of handling both digital and analog multichannel sound, as well as 3.1, 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 surround sound. Both scalable and flexible, the 11900 will accommodate future hardware and software expansions.

The enhanced SurroundMonitor 11900SD features an HD- and SD-capable SDI de-embedder interface for visualizing all 16 (4 x 4) channels implemented in SDI streams as well as a Dolby E/Dolby AC-3 decoder option for analyzing coded data streams without external decoding.

A reliable and standardized method for evaluating program loudness is essential for preventing abrupt volume-level changes during broadcasts. RTW's solution for the eight-channel SurroundMonitor 11900 includes three individual barographs showing the summed loudness of all individual signals, the integrated value with a dynamical time window, and the result of a long-time integration over the last seven days or more. These can be used in addition to or instead of the usual peak meter bar graphs. Other features include numerical loudness display and data logging with a chart recorder.

For more information, visit www.rtw.de/english/index.html.