RTW provides Canadian broadcaster with audio level control in Vancouver

Sonotechnique, a major Canadian dealer, sold eight RTW SurroundMonitor 10809X-PLUS systems and one SurroundControl 31900 to a major Canadian broadcaster for the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The RTW equipment was first built and tested in Toronto, and then dismantled and shipped to the TV station in Vancouver. One SurroundMonitor 10809X-PLUS system was installed in each of the facility’s eight post-production suites. The 31900 System was installed in the facility’s quality control room, the final stop for audio mixing before the athletic coverage is broadcast to viewers. Sonotechnique’s technical team in Vancouver is providing technical support to the station.

Used solely for digital audio production, the SurroundMonitor 10809X-PLUS is especially designed for multichannel and surround sound, supporting 2/0, 3/0, 3/1 and 3/2 (5.1) formats. The monitor’s eight-channel, multistandard peak meter and surround-sound analyzer allowed users in each of the eight production suites to keep up with the total sound volume and balance levels by way of graphic indicators right on the screen.

Meanwhile, operators in quality control worked with the SurroundControl 31900’s eight-channel system, which is used for displaying, monitoring and controlling analog and digital surround and multichannel and stereo signals. In addition to the system’s peak program meters, an integrated, ITU BS.1771-compliant loudness meter is also included.

The equipment will remain at the broadcasting facility and will be used for future broadcast events after the Winter Games.