RTW announces version 6.0 software for SurroundMonitor 10800X

RTW has announced the release of a software upgrade that will enable qualified SurroundMonitor 10800X devices to perform loudness metering.

Version 6.0 software, which will be standard on all new 10800X units, adds ITU BS.1770-compliant loudness meter and a quasi-DIN (quasi-analog) bargraph for digital PPM measurements. The 10800X is the first metering system to incorporate RTW's surround sound analyzer for intuitive representation of surround signals.

Designed to offer users of 10800X series and 10860X-VID SurroundMonitor models a way to begin implementing ITU-compliant loudness metering, the 6.0 software offers new functions, including an RLB (K) weighting filter as specified by the current ITU recommendation. The filter is available not only for single-channel bargraph meters but also for Dialnorm metering and for the surround sound analyzer.