RTÉ Adopts Telestream Vantage and Lightspeed

NEVADA CITY, CALIF.—Telestream has announced the completion of a project with Ireland’s national broadcaster, RTÉ. Working with its channel partner, Eurotek, Telestream has supplied its Lightspeed server system running Vantage Transcode Pro for integration within the broadcaster’s new FAST (for file acquisition and server technology) media management system.

FAST is RTÉ’s file-based content media management system, based around Harmonic Mediagrid and Spectrum media servers with TMD’s MediaFlex content management system. Media is ingested from tape or file, in SD or HD format, in preparation for transmission. Telestream’s Vantage transcoding software combined with its Lightspeed acceleration system generates multiple output profiles for ingest of broadcast media, particularly Smooth Streaming and HLS formats for proxy-viewing throughout the organization. The Telestream system will enable ingested media to become available to QC viewing stations, editorial staff, and others within a very short time from when the media is ingested. This facilitates both scheduled, and last-minute ingest tasks.

It is the first implementation of Lightspeed being integrated with TMD’s MediaFlex system, and it is also the first Lightspeed system to be installed in Ireland. Having worked closely with RTÉ and TMD throughout the FAST project, Eurotek played a central role in the integration of Telestream’s Vantage transcoding system. It helped RTÉ test and integrate Lightspeed, providing on-site technical expertise and working closely with TMD’s engineering team to help define and implement the integration.