Royer Labs ships R-122V tube ribbon microphone

Royer Labs has announced that the bidirectional R-122V Vacuum Tube Ribbon Microphone, the latest addition to the R-Series microphone line, is now shipping. A limited production vacuum tube studio ribbon microphone, the R-122V uses Royer’s large-ribbon transducer assembly for a sonic similarity reminiscent of other R-Series mics, with a flat frequency response, ability to withstand high SPL and 13dB hotter output than the classic R-121.

The R-122V's active electronics use a U.S. built, military 5840 triode-connected vacuum tube and Royer's proprietary toroidal ribbon matching transformer. A Jensen 8:1 ratio output transformer provides an electrically isolated, fully balanced output signal. The active circuitry provides optimum impedance to the ribbon element, preventing over-damping of the ribbon element and ensuring consistent microphone performance.

The R-122V receives an extensive burning in procedure to assure proper settling of the vacuum tube, and employs a pure, low mass, 2.5-micron thick aluminum ribbon. The mic's offset-ribbon transducer assembly incorporates neodymium magnets in a specially designed flux frame to minimize stray magnetic radiation. The smooth frequency response and phase linearity of the R-122V, coupled width its classic triode-connected vacuum tube circuitry, is designed to deliver a consistent acoustic performance with stunning realism. Frequency response is excellent, regardless of the angle of the sound striking the ribbon, and off-axis coloration is negligible.

The R-122V has a nickel body finish and black transducer finish, and comes in a camera-style case with a dedicated power supply and shock mount. The included cable set is equipped with military-grade locking type XLR connectors.

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