Ross Video, Sencore Announce openGear Partnership

Ross Video and Sencore have officially announced their partnership to expand the openGear terminal equipment platform.

The openGear terminal equipment platform is based on an open-architecture, 2RU modular frame designed to accommodate up to 10 cards. A wide variety of cards are available from terminal equipment vendors supporting the openGear platform, allowing facilities the freedom and flexibility to choose the best technology for their particular applications. Customers are no longer locked into one manufacturer's frame standard and modules for their terminal equipment solutions. openGear also provides the platform with a control system that allows quick and easy monitoring and control of frames and modules on the network.

"Sencore believes that receiver decoder products are a natural extension to the rest of the options offered for the openGear platform," said Michael Harris, Sencore product manager. "This is a great benefit for the customer because the overall portfolio of openGear solutions presents a compelling alternative to the proprietary chassis and cards that are all too common within the marketplace. We look forward to working with Ross and the rest of the openGear partners to provide a wide range of technology solutions to customers all over the world."

Eric Goodmurphy, Ross Video marketing product manager for RossGear, said the openGear platform "continues to expand, offering customers the flexibility to pick the best module for their application."